Oh, iMovie. How do I love thee? Let me count the videos. There are many.

If I could have a soundtrack chip implanted in my body so that music was constantly following me around, swelling dramatically at various moments I would totally do it. I think I could find a way to make even a video of a hot dog in a microwave ooze with pathos and longing.

So with that introduction I bring you my illustrious and critically acclaimed short film collection:

Noah vs. Tootsie Roll – The one that started it all.

Six Weeks – It’s the weirdest thing, I get something in my eye every time I watch this one.

In the Backyard – Two words: baby. laughing.

The Big Race – I move the madness from YouTube to Vimeo, and keep on truckin’ through the gigabytes.

Sit Fail -Is there anything funnier than watching a tiny human learn to balance on their rear end? Nope.

Six Months – Terminally cute. Watch at your own risk.

Nine Months – The first 50 seconds. GAH.

The First of Rosie – So long (10:33) that it required multiple songs. Oh snap, things just got serious.

There And Back Again – The one where I go all nostalgic on your asses.

Five Years Time – Took probably the longest time to put together of all the previous videos. Totally worth it.

Humans, Dancers – When life hands you lemons, make a video about it. AMIRITE?

Paths of Victory – Noah goes for his first bike ride without training wheels. Sounds like a nice time for some Bob Dylan.

What We Keep – This pretty much sums up what life looks like through my iMovie-addicted, soundtrack-loving eyes.

The First Day – Noah’s first day of Kindergarten. TISSUES, PLZ.

Road Trip – I always wanted to do a car trip montage, this one was my birthday present to myself. It keeps on giving!

Dance Party (of one) – Rosie + The Cure. Yep.

The faces of Rosie – A musical montage of Rosie’s many (manymanymany) expressions through the years.

Nothing and Everything – I made this one on the eve of starting my full-time job, when I was feeling a little weepy about leaving the kids. They, of course, were totally fine.

December 21, 2010 – The kids’ first visit to Disneyworld. (Mine, too.)

Brothers and Sisters – Rosie and Noah at their sibling super duo finest.

The Very Cranky Bear – The very first (and, uh, only, so far) installment of Yesterpiece Theatre, recorded by Rosie Mae in front of a crackling fire. (Not really about the fire.)

Five – In which I stealthily slip in some very big news.

*What I’ve included here are only the movies I put to music. You can find the entirety of my video shenanigans here.