Ow Ah Wonnah Wuh Eee Ahhh

Max’s language is ‘splodin’ all over the place, and it is the best thing in existence. Yesterday, out of the blue, he started saying SOCK-AH BAWW clear as day while he bumped it around the living room with his Flintstone feet. He also started trying to sing lyrics to songs, and can I just say, please get a 19 month old to sing to you stat. Your troubles will essentially disappear into thin air while they do. My personal favorite is the kids’ classic: “Gunk-ah, Gunk-ah, Dit Dit Tar”


Coo doo (while wearing sunglasses and looking fly)
wun wun FOOTbaw (when the game’s on)
gudpush (when he wants an aquatic shaped orange snack)
MUSS (when I’m sweeping floor detritus into piles—always said with CAPS LOCK emphasis)
jack (when he wants to don a coat for the outside)(sidenote: Rosie used to say the same thing)
udda baw (when one baw just will not do)
and MAH DADA (so that there is no confusion)

Nineteen months yesterday and roundin’ the corner to 2.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 12.02.09 AM


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