I think I have forgotten how to do this in a casual way. You know, just have a thought about something and then type it. Back when I blogged every day, I could get away with short lil’ posts about whatevs, but now it’s like I have some sort of self-imposed edict that each post must Mean Something. Quality over quantity! Every sentence is sacred! WELP. If I am to write at all on this here website, I gotta get my panties out of that wad. So here I go.

Here are five (FASCINATING) facts about my day:

1. Max stayed home with a fever and a cough, and I spent about 75 percent of the day holding all 28 pounds of him as I walked around, kicking piles of laundry toward the general vicinity of the washer/dryer and picking up toys with my toes. I think I had 14 almonds and half a tangerine for lunch. I think I’ve found a new weight loss plan.

2. L called me after he left me and the sickie at home this morning to let me know he had found a ten dollar bill on the ground the night before and stuck it in his raincoat pocket, still hanging behind the front door. He told me this so that I could have it for my very own. You know what that is? True love. Also, my ticket to a peppermint mocha.

3. I went to an “Expedition of Learning” at Noah’s school tonight, at which the 3rd grade showcased all the work they’d been doing on Greece for the last few weeks. They gave us a clipboard and we had to walk around and answer questions about what they’d been doing. Like a quiz, y’all. Luckily, I happen to know the three branches of government right off the top of my head, so I was aces on that one. But not gonna lie, needed to read some of the scrawly-worded 8-year old essays pretty closely to make sure I was getting other questions right. It’s beginning: Noah’s inevitable realization that there are a whole lotta things I don’t know shit about. Brainz, it’s been a good run.

4. Spent an ungodly number of minutes (hours?) untangling gold glitter polka dot garland for our fireplace mantle, and I regret NOTHING.

5. Took this picture of Max while at the school, and it’s one of my new favorites.


Look at all those words I wrote! And right here on this very blog, too. Wonders never cease.


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