Moving pictures gonna move

When it comes to technology, I am a little bit crotchety. Like, why can’t things just be invented, be great, and stay that way? Why do they always gotta be upgrading to make all the things do all the things? For example: Instagram, my one true iLove. Picture taking on Instagram was groovy. It was easy. It was straightforward, and uncluttered. Then they went and added video, and I was all HOLD UP. THIS MEDIUM’S SUPPOSED TO BE STATIC, YO. It still feels a little bit like looking at pictures on the wall at Hogwarts—who knows which ones will move? But, I’m trying it out. The con I see to it so far is that I am recording my kids in 15-second clips edited together instead of in minutes-long stretches. Kids are so unpredictable that you need time to let the weirdness unfold. Plus, adding a filter makes it seem … unreal in a way I’m not sure I like. (You could argue the same for photos, I guess.) Back in the day when I used to make videos more frequently, I had lots and lots of footage to work from, and then I did the editing of the best bits to make it into what I wanted. Now I have a phone full of 6-second (when I was Vine-ing) and 15-second choppy clips, already edited. I don’t know, it makes me feel like I’m missing things. (I actually have more to say about this, the fact that all our creating seems to be getting pushed toward briefer and briefer mediums, but ironically, I need to … be brief on the subject today.)

ANYWAY! Sometimes the medium works well, and I feel pretty glad to have captured the little cobbled together, vintagey-filtered clips. Even if the very existence of such a video raises my get-off-lawn-hackles. The feeling goes away pretty quickly after a couple times looping through the following vid, though. Because come on. Ain’t nobody gonna be crotchety after this.

Hoop dreams from racher on Vimeo.


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