On the last day of school, Noah came home with a giant folder.


Instead of showing you all the glorious pieces of art he had amassed from the whole of second grade (DON’T THINK I DIDN’T CONSIDER IT) I will instead show you this one gem, a staggering work of genius on one sheet of paper. I give you: Noah’s Inventions.


Now, to be fair, I think this might already exist. But he didn’t know that, nosiree!

He had me at rainbow-coned ice cream. But then he took it all the way. It never runs out? SOLD.


Such an awesome and terrifying idea all at once. Just think about all the times you were called to the board as a kid in school. OH THE THINGS MY WHITE BOARD WOULD HAVE REVEALED.


This one is my favorite, just on sheer artistic merit. Also, I’m sensing a theme in these unique visions, and that theme is laziness. My work here is done.

Tagline: nailed it. Rock on, inventor kid. Go where you want.

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1 Darth { 07.26.13 at 9:45 am }

Noah: Wednesday evening’s dog walk, a full poop bag, passing an open-lidded household dumpster. Noah’s suggestion: deposit the bag in the dumpster. Response: No, because recent rain would have produced several inches of standing water in its bottom, and my mind revolts at the idea of a dog-poop bag in the wet dumpster cesspool. FAST FORWARD TO THIS MORNING: Our own dumpster on the street, the collecting truck recently gone, dumpster lid open. Noah volunteers to go out and close the lid so water doesn’t collect in bottom . . . accepts suggestion to simply retrieve the dumpster instead, and does so.

What an incredibly thoughtful boy. Reminds me of his Dad at a similar age.

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