A post only a mother could love

Out of the clear blue this weekend, Noah waltzed out onto the porch where I sat fishing the 37th piece of dirt/bug/trash out of Max’s mouth and said, “Hey mom, remember when you asked me those questions and taped it on your camera? When I was four? Can we do that again?” Well, of course I remembered, but the fact that he remembered was pretty awesome. Plus, can we do that again? Have you met me? Oh, we’re so doing that again. (Herein lies a whole lotta footage of my kids. Be forewarned.)

First, let’s harken back to ye olde days of smallish Noah, where he was a bit more rounded, and adorably 4:

And here he is today, wisened, blinky (allergies), and 8:

And of course, we have a (somewhat) freshly minted 4-year old who needed to do her inaugural “All About Me” interview, which Noah kindly conducted:

After which Rosie insisted on interviewing Max (his answers are the most scintillating, I think):
(Also, this is the same video, looped twice. Don’t know how that happened. I am rusty at this videoin’ stuff!)

Investigative reporting at its finest! Or at least, at its cutest.


1 Rebecca Whaley { 04.16.13 at 5:44 pm }

This post is definitely one of my favorites. Even at 11 months, Max’s comedic timing is incredible!

2 Teneisha { 04.17.13 at 8:31 am }

So awesome. Love the Max interview.

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