Fit to be (bow) tied

Thing the first: Noah has started to be consumed by book reading. Like inhaling them down Slurpee style sans brain freeze. His latest kick is Encyclopedia Brown books (Leroy!) and for example, he checked out three of them from the library today at 4 p.m. and by bedtime had two chapters of ONE of the books left. Uh. We’re gonna need a bigger library.

Secondarily: Max is standing all of the times, all of the places, and if the thing he’s standing and holding moves, then he’s gonna move it, by golly. This makes for a lot of ERRRRRRRRR and SCRRRRIIIITTTTCCCCHing across floors. Or more accurately, SCRIIIIIIITCHHHHH (pause) SCRIIIIIIITCHHH (pause) SCRIIIIIIIITCHHH …

He continues to be awesome.

And C: Easter outfitting was managed. Barely. I was weirdly INTO it this year, like matchin’ up the boys and what not. I don’t know what that’s about. Well, scratch that, I totally know what that’s about. TINY BOW TIES OMG:

See also: seersucker anything. And suspenders on babies. And handmade dresses from Etsy that 4-year olds pick out themselves. And tights with bows. And these three kids who are my very favorite. (That last one is pretty much the main one.)

Anyway, we had a good Easter.

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1 Darth { 04.02.13 at 10:33 am }

Let’s see: reading, reading, reading, pausing to eat/sleep, reading, reading . . . Are you sure you aren’t viewing a time warp of LUKE as a young boy?

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