Weekend revolutionary

I have started a hundred posts in my head. In fact, that exact sentence floated through my brain this morning in the shower, so BLAM: now it’s hitting your eyeballs. You’re welcome. Now here’s what I have to say.

In an arm wrestling contest, three-day weekends would trounce two-day weekends every single time. Why do we not have them be a permanent thing again? I forget. Oh right—AMERICA. And of course, now that we’ve had one fewer day of production, it means 8 hours of work that need to be fit into the rest of the four-day week. Workworkworkwork! Get! all! the things! done!

No thank you, I would not like to be getting all the things done. Instead, I would like more of this:

A standing 24 hour add-on to our Saturday-Sunday usual is long overdue. It’s time for a revolt among the people! Viva la three-dayvolution! Damn the man!  Hell no we won’t go … to work on Mondays! WHO’S WITH ME?

January 23, 2013   1 Comment