A list of Max

1. He will be eight months old in one week. I don’t want to talk about it.

2. When I pick him up from school at the end of the day, his whole face is a smile. He kicks his legs and after I lift him into my arms, we face wrestle for a minute and then he looks at his teacher as if to say THIS IS HER! THE ONE I TOLD YOU ABOUT! Every day he does this.

3. His hair is slowly growing in, mohawk-style, on top and is blonde-brown. I didn’t realize how much he looks like baby Noah until I stumbled across old pictures, and seriously: Max + brown toupee = baby Noah. It’s true. (Also true: he looks like me as a baby. Genes FTW!)

4. He’s sitting up like a champ, but has not shown any interest in moving beyond that. I am more than OK with this. The phase where your baby sits unassisted, but can’t go get into anything? It’s the best. We put him on the floor and surround him with his toys, like he is a preacher and they have come to hear the sermon. He reaches intentionally for each one, gums it, then flings it away. Repeat. Awesome.

5. If he’s anywhere within earshot, you can say “Hey da” and he’ll parrot it back, almost every time. His sounds more like “Ay da,” with the “Ay” loud and proud and the “da” a whisper. Sometimes he leaves out the “da,” and gives us a big ol’ Fonz “Aaaaaayyy.” Sometimes he just leaves out the “ay” and says “Da. Da. Da.” with a barely there noise, like a puff of sound. It’s really close to “Dada,” but I’m pretty sure he means “Mom.”

6. When he’s on his way to sleep he’ll hum. We call it his Sleepy Song.

7. Noah and Rosie make him laugh.

8. He makes them laugh right back.

9. I love him. He’s the last piece of this crazy family puzzle and he’s a perfect fit.

January 3, 2013   3 Comments