We’ve been in South Carolina this week, on vacation with some of our favorite people. And thank goodness it’s these particular people here with us, because there have been a multitude of bodily fluids springing forth from all three of our children, and Max’s colic has not gone away yet. He’s been shushed/bounced/swung/walked by many arms this week, and that fact, plus the fact that we are the only couple here outnumbered by our kids, means that at least one of them is being fobbed off at all times to be watched by someone else’s eyeballs while we deal with the other two.

All of that is to say two things: 1.) I kind of understand the reasoning behind plural marriage now and 2.) these people are so much more than friends. They’re family.

(But we already knew that.)

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1 gmo { 07.07.12 at 10:45 am }

You and Luke and your kids are so fortunate to have such a hugh family!
We love you.

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