Three things that are true

1. This house is a little bit nutso.

Mom. I don’t know if you know, but there is a WASHING MACHINE on this porch.

In part because:

2. This baby is not happy between the hours of 6-10 pm.

Sharing the love with all the neighbors. We hope to get more free meals this way.

But even so:

3. I still think he’s pretty great. (And that’s the truth.)

P.S. Unrelated: I finally updated my Yestervideos page, which was missing about seven or eight of my musical docudramacomedies. You guys, that is a lot of hours logged on iMovie. I have most definitely earned my Girl Scout badge. Perhaps you’re feeling like it’s time for a reading of Cranky Bear. Or you’d like to enjoy the many manifestations of Rosie’s personality through the years. Well, you are in luck my friend. It’s all right there, updated and spiffy-like. I’ll pop the popcorn.

June 8, 2012   No Comments