Getting to it

It is way too late for me to be starting a post, after tonight’s three-ring circus of a bedtime, because tomorrow’s (slash 2 a.m.’s) gonna come early and I will be cursing my eyelids for being open. But I get this feeling around this time of night, especially when the evening routine has been all shot to hell because of a crying baby or a three year old who will not stay in her bed for love or money or a 7-year-old who has been home (and hugely helpful) with his mom and baby brother all day and is not tired. Of course I’m exhausted, and of course it makes sense to do the sensible thing and go to sleep now, while the going to sleep’s good, but I haven’t gotten to be a grown up yet today, dammit! Or I’ve been a grown up for too long. I can’t tell which.

So instead of being reasonable and practical all those le/al words, I am typing this nonsense while eating potato chips and harassing people on Facebook.

I want to write Max’s birth story. I can’t get to it.

I want to make a video with groovy music and footage of all the awesome that has happened since Max arrived. I can’t get to it.

I want to write about the things, both big and mundane, that are happening right now, like last Friday when L left for work before any of the kids were awake and it took me two and a half hours to get everyone out the door because of two (2) urine-soaked beds, two (2) urine-soaked children and two (2) roaches, one alive and one dead. Or how blown away I am by the amazing people that live in this house and how lucky I feel to be a part of this family. I can’t get to it.

I want to clean out my room so I can stop using a giant pile on the floor as my clothes drawer. I can’t get to it.

I want to get my hair cut so I can see out from underneath my shag-bangs. I can’t get to it.

I want to shower. I can’t get to it.

However, I am telling you these things so that I can start a pattern of getting to it. I gotta get to it. Specifically, I gotta get to this right here. This is the place I gotta get. So I’m gonna get to it.

(But heads up: I will probably not get to the showering.)

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1 Elizabeth { 06.05.12 at 10:12 am }

You’ll get to it when you get to it – give yourself some slack! :-) Having three kids is hard work (so I’ve heard…). If I wasn’t swamped with raccoons, I’d offer to come over and help (except for the shower part).

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