There’s been a bit more gritching (slash wailing) and a lot less sleepy down time the last few days (slash a day, but when a baby is crying time stretches out like eterrrrrnity) so my hands-free time is spent either: showering, sleeping or shoveling food into my piehole. I did take a rogue trip to Target, but it involved wedging my postpartum hips into Noah’s booster seat to nurse Max in the crowded parking lot and also a loaded diaper change in my lap, so I’m not sure I would call that a “successful” outing, per se. Unfortunately (or fortunately, since I’m home alone for the daytime hours and would probably lose my mind a lot faster) the fussing seems to ramp up at dinner time and extend well into bedtime hours (11ish or so) so, for example, last night, L and I spent the evening playing pass the baby until we collapsed. This does not time for blogging make! Instead, there is a lot of this:

And occaaaaasionally this:

… which is nice, because, you know, quiet! And sleeping! Except it’s sort of short-lived, and also involves my body being upright and usually moving.

If he’s anything like Noah and Rosie as babies, though, this won’t last long. There always seems to be an adjustment to life period that happens around now, and we’ll make it through, just like we did before. Or sell him on eBay, deending on how high the bids go.

However, in other news, Max is the first of our three kids to get a birth announcement! Go team!

Noah deems this “no fair.” Sorry Noah (and Rosie). But there are hundreds of photos and stories of you on the internet from the last four years that will most likely embarrass you out of your mind later in life, so all is not totally lost, kids. You’re welcome!


1 bebe { 05.31.12 at 3:59 pm }

Wish I was still there…I would participate in “pass the baby”! Can’t wait to see Max again – oh, and all the rest of you guys as well!

2 Dorothy { 05.31.12 at 5:24 pm }

Ah, yes, unhappy hour/s…I remember that well. And while I’m sure packing and traveling with 3 kids may not be the least stressful thing to do, once you get here there will be 8 adults to play pass the baby (plus one Sera). I’m a little excited!

3 Leigh Ann Laney { 06.05.12 at 8:21 am }

Sera has already called dibs on baby holding/ “babysitting” the little kids. She swears we can actually LEAVE while she babysits. Confession: a month ago while Josh was napping I had to get a key to Patrick at the church…so I left while they stayed here! Left my phone with Sera and told her to only unlock the doors if the house was on fire (and to please take Josh with her if that was the case), and not to use the microwave while I was gone (not sure why I said this, just felt the need). It was a weird feeling. Guilt/worry/freedom. I can’t believe I am not far from doing this on a regular basis so that I can run errands by myself!!

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