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There’s been a bit more gritching (slash wailing) and a lot less sleepy down time the last few days (slash a day, but when a baby is crying time stretches out like eterrrrrnity) so my hands-free time is spent either: showering, sleeping or shoveling food into my piehole. I did take a rogue trip to Target, but it involved wedging my postpartum hips into Noah’s booster seat to nurse Max in the crowded parking lot and also a loaded diaper change in my lap, so I’m not sure I would call that a “successful” outing, per se. Unfortunately (or fortunately, since I’m home alone for the daytime hours and would probably lose my mind a lot faster) the fussing seems to ramp up at dinner time and extend well into bedtime hours (11ish or so) so, for example, last night, L and I spent the evening playing pass the baby until we collapsed. This does not time for blogging make! Instead, there is a lot of this:

And occaaaaasionally this:

… which is nice, because, you know, quiet! And sleeping! Except it’s sort of short-lived, and also involves my body being upright and usually moving.

If he’s anything like Noah and Rosie as babies, though, this won’t last long. There always seems to be an adjustment to life period that happens around now, and we’ll make it through, just like we did before. Or sell him on eBay, deending on how high the bids go.

However, in other news, Max is the first of our three kids to get a birth announcement! Go team!

Noah deems this “no fair.” Sorry Noah (and Rosie). But there are hundreds of photos and stories of you on the internet from the last four years that will most likely embarrass you out of your mind later in life, so all is not totally lost, kids. You’re welcome!

May 31, 2012   3 Comments

Enter sandman

I had planned to write a nice delicious slice of life post with info and pictures and recipes (HAHAHA YEAH RIGHT) but instead I am hammering this out quick-style as L takes his turn bouncing/rocking/humming/walking Max around the house while he gritches and fusses through a particularly hairy patch of the witching hour. This is highly unusual for him—he’s been a super chill, no-fuss baby so far, which I gotta say: I DIG.

I have been itching to get some words up here on this screen, though, so I may blog again tomorrow while the bigs are in school/camp. What can I say, my dreams are lofty. Briefly though: things are fabulous. I love this baby like whoa, and am finally (FINALLY) feeling semi-normal after two weeks of ridiculous, could-have-been-avoided-for-reasons-that-make-me-get-up-on-a-soap-box infections that left me wrung out. My mom went home and then came back to help a second time (which, I gotta say, is awesome, but I would not really recommend ER visits and double body part infections as a ploy for getting your mom to stay longer and help after a baby. Pro tip: crying works just fine.) And really, though it’s only been 24 hours since we’ve been just the five of us figuring out our rhythms, I feel like we’re kind of kicking ass so far. I know, I know, just wait everyone says in unison, but seriously. I mean check it: today I cut Noah’s hair, Rosie’s and Max’s fingernails, and L cut the grass. I mopped the kitchen floor, took two of the three kids to the grocery store and didn’t yell at anyone the whole day not even one time. (Of course, an awesome and nutritious dinner was brought to us by someone else, so we didn’t have to plan for that part of the day, but, you know, details.) That, my friends, seems like a winning day to me.  Now, we’ll have to revisit the whole “we’re kicking ass” comment when we have a baby who isn’t sleeping 22 out of the 24 hours of the day.

Speaking of sleeping, it’s my turn for baby duty. Here’s hoping for this, soon:

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Last August he was six years old, brother to one, owner of all his baby teeth. Now he’s first-grade wise, solidly seven, toothless and king of a sibling trio.

Noah, knocking down life’s milestones with a ka-POW. Second grade doesn’t stand a chance.

(Neither, it would seem, does Kindergarten a couple of years from now.)

May 25, 2012   2 Comments

Squeaky baby gets the grease

I would WD-40 him, but it’s too freakin’ cute.

(Turn sound up.)

May 22, 2012   4 Comments


Well! Howdy do! I am writing to you from this house of five, where I sit upright and awake and also not bone-crushingly exhausted. Hooray! Turns out I don’t have to subscribe to AARP magazine just yet: My slow recovery has a cause. Two postpartum infections in my postpartum parts! Take that! …Whomever!

Seriously, I was going crazy trying to figure out why I felt like death left in the microwave overnight for so long after giving birth. I mean, 33 is not the youngest anyone’s ever had a baby, but I was really starting to think it was a good thing I had decided to stop after this kid because at this rate, if I’d gone for four kids, I’d have to have round-the-clock in-home care for a few months after that delivery. Things just weren’t right last week, but most pressing was the fact that I was worn slap out all day long. Like, couldn’t get off the couch, achy like I had the flu, holding on to things when I walked kind of worn out. I called the nurse line at my OB practice several times, but found them to be most unhelpful and not very sympathetic, and in fact, was reminded more than once that I was older now, you know, and every pregnancy is different, you know, etc., etc. I didn’t seem to meet their strict protocol that warranted a visit to the office. So instead, I ended up in the ER for four hours on a Saturday afternoon with my 10-day old unvaccinated baby. Hooray! Except the opposite of that.

But! Now I am bionic! Or antibiotic, same diff. And I already feel loads better, which is a huge relief. For one, I have stopped weeping out of sheer exhaustion. So, there’s that. I hope to be around this Yesterplace more often now that I’m on the mend, because there are a lot of things to yammer on about (like the birth story of Max, which is coming, hand to heart, you guys). But typing was not so much within my capabilities last week. There are just so many keys. And you have to push them. It was too much for my fragile weak-fingered (and everything else) state.

However, in closing, things are still pretty awesome around this house. Everyone who lives here is my favorite.

May 20, 2012   10 Comments