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I love Instagram. And I don’t care how hipster-poseur that makes me. I love the way it shows you a tiny glimpse into people’s ordinary days. I love how it makes everything around me appear as a potential picture, I love that it makes it so easy to capture moments that I would otherwise miss with my big bulky camera. (Which I still love! XO big camera! Tru Luv 4-evah!) I just love it, the end.

For the month of April, I participated in the Photo of the Day meme dealio, where there was a prompt given for each day which you could interpret any way you pleased. Once you found something you wanted to photo-gram that fit that theme, you shot it, filtered it, and then hashtagged it with #photoadayapril, where it was then added to a giant pool of people’s shots of their interpretations of that day’s word or phrase. Really fun, really easy and at the end, you have a month’s worth of snapshots of your daily life. Pretty rad, I think. Here is my April, Instagram-photo-a-day-style:

Day 1: Reflection

Obvious. But remarkable, given the particular time in my life.

Day 2: Color

Rosie and one of her “maps.”

Day 3: Mail

I pass the postal mecca every day on the way to work.

Day 4: Something that makes you happy


Day 5: Tiny


Day 6: Lunch

Most of the pool of pictures this day consisted of gorgeous spreads of artfully arranged meals. I kept it real.

Day 7: Shadow

Noah, dreaming big on a Saturday.

(I skipped Day 8. Partially because it was “Inside your wallet” and no one wanted to see pictures of 327 Target receipts and moths and partially because I forgot.)

Day 9: Younger you

Here I am as a fetus, getting married.

Day 10: Cold

Lows in the 50s? Where’s my scarf, y’all?

Day 11: Where you ate breakfast

Lie. I ate in my car, like I do every day.

Day 12: Stairs

Rosie’s dollhouse.

Day 13: Something you found


Day 14. How you feel today

I was feeling maternal. Also, pregnant.

Day 15: Sunset

Totally forgot to do this one, too. This was more like sunsat.

Day 16: Flower

Our neighbor’s rose bush, caught in the sunlight while walking Noah to school. He came out while I was taking the picture and said I could have as many as I wanted.

Day 17: Something I don’t like


Day 18: Hair

Took a million shots of the top of my head before I realized this shot was approximately one bazillion times better.

Day 19: Orange

You knew burritos would show up at some point, right?

Day 20: Something you drew

Slash, something my offspring drew.

Day 21: Bottle

This was the wall of a restaurant L and I went to on a bona fide actual date. It was rad. (The date. And the restaurant.)

Day 22: The last thing you bought

Yes to eensy baby clothes.

Day 23: Vegetable


Day 24: Something you’re grateful for

This guy.

Day 25: Looking down

When I saw this prompt early in the month, I thought, well, duh: my belly. But I have taken 193838473284328 pictures of my belly from that perspective, and so luckily Rosie peed in her pants while we were in public, kindly providing me with inspiration for that day’s picture.

Day 26: Black + white

No explanation necessary.

Day 27: Somewhere you went

Ms. Needham’s first grade class, Clairemont Elementary School

Day 28: 1 pm

Once again, we were having burritos.

Day 29: Circle

Magna Doodle: the original Draw Something

Day 30: Something that makes you sad

Swole feet.

There you have it. Thirty pictures in 30 days. I dig. Jury’s still out on whether or not I’ll do May’s PAD challenge. I’m still looking for the one where every day’s prompt says “YOUR BABY.” I’ll keep you posted.

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1 Leigh Ann Laney { 05.01.12 at 8:33 am }

When Rosie grows up that will be her favorite picture (I think you know what picture I mean) forever and ever and always. The end.

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