On Sunday, our neighbor down the street (and family friend from years ago) Jerry came over to snap some pictures of me for his 21 Days project. He’s been taking portraits of a different person every day for 109 days now, and when he started, his intention was to form a habit. (“They” say it takes 21 days to form a habit.) In conjunction with his picture taking, he’s also been playing the guitar and writing a thank you note. These are the kind of endeavors I dig. He just decided to do it one day and boom: Now he’s on day 109. It’s just like me, if you think about it. I decided I was pregnant (after the doctor told me this was a fact), and boom: Now I’m on day 259. Discipline!

He had come over the day before to “scout the location” (that’s fancy photographer talk, right there) and Noah agreed to be his assistant while he found the spot with the best light. I wasn’t home at the time, so I didn’t know that assistants also sometimes get their photo taken while they’re helping. This was a mighty nice discovery.

The next day as my part of the shoot was wrapping up, Rosie bopped through the dining room and into the kitchen and announced, “MOM! YOU FORGOT TO GET ME SOME YOGURT!” Which I had promised her the day before, or maybe last week, who knows. But Jerry called her back in to where we were and asked her if she’d like to have her picture taken, and without skipping a beat, she hopped up on a chair and started mugging. You guys, it was like she was a signed model with Cover Girl, or last year’s winner of ANTM. She took direction. Like, “Move your chin down just a little” kind of direction. I watched the whole thing with my jaw dropped, taking pointers for the next time I want her to put on her pants. Or get in the bathtub. Or do anything that requires direction at all.

What he got was this:

This girl, you guys. These kids. The fact that they belong to me blows my mind on a daily basis.

All photos (except for the ones with Jerry in them) are courtesy of Jerry Burns. Thanks Jerry!

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1 bebe { 04.19.12 at 5:46 pm }

OMG, you look wonderful – like you are going to pop, but wonderful. And the kids…well, words are not adequate. Want those pics to frame!

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