I am trying to keep all the things humming over here—”all the things” meaning work, kids, house, marriage, baby-growing, etc.—and juuuuust managing right now, sort of. Unfortunately, the scales are tipping (literally, womp) towards crazytown, and I am hoping to be able to just hang on by my fingernails until this baby comes and everything becomes peaceful and still and quiet and organized. That’s what happens when babies come out, right? I can’t remember.

Anyway, in case you didn’t see me harping on about it in other places all over the internet, over at the other gig where I write (otherwise known as my full-time job) I wrote a post on people all the time talking about me being pregnant every day everywhere and also all the things I am dumb at now that my brain is occupied with trying not to keel over while schlepping my giant body from point A to point B.

What else. There are things, I am sure of it. I just had them in my brain.

Here are my kids being adorably adorable on Easter:

Though this picture is a more accurate representation of real life:

And with that, I shall bid you adieu.


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