Five in a row

Shew dog. I didn’t even drive into work on Monday and Tuesday and I am whooped. Wednesday, after two no-commute days, I felt full of vim and vigor (and also a baby). Or at least as full of vim and vigor as one can be who is toting around another human being 100 percent of the time on her person. Maybe it’s more accurate to say I was vimmish and vigorish. But the next morning when I woke up I felt like I had climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro (slash a short flight of stairs) the day before. Oof. Miss Physical Fitness I am not these days. But when I’m not pregnant, watch out! I will be all over that flight of stairs like a person who can climb a flight of stairs! Probably. Maybe. After I finish a nice bowl of ice cream.

Speaking of bowls of ice cream, tonight I totally whipped out the phrase “If you get me a bowl of ice cream, I will have your baby” to convince L to go into the kitchen and scoop me up a serving of triple brownie. I realize I probably have the short end of the stick on that deal, but dude, that ice cream was worth it.

In conclusion, here are Noah and Rosie holding baby chickens:

Yeah, that’s all I got. These puffy fingers are out. Have nice weekends, all of you. Next week we’re going to keep this blog party going like it’s 1999 2009.

March 30, 2012   3 Comments