Non-pregnancy related things

HAHAHAHAHA there are no non-pregnancy related things.

Just kidding. (Sort of.)

Here are a couple of topics not having to do with my uterus:

The kids still take a bath together most of the time, and I’ve kind of decided that as long as no one’s feeling weird about it, we’ll keep on keepin’ on. Until someone is, and then we’ll just not. No big. Although we have nudged Noah towards showers, because 1.) It’s time, yo. and 2.) Less work for us. Rosie will occasionally take showers with me, although we did that just tonight and boy howdy was it a circus with my ginormous girth. I bonked her in the head approximately 1 frizillion times. Also, the amount of questioning about why I have certain parts has increased as said parts have … increased. She asked if she would have a baby in her belly one day and I said, “Yes, when you are old like mama and in a loving committed relationship and also financially stable.” All she heard was the yes part. After which she squealed and hugged herself with glee. We’ll be having this talk again, young lady. With charts.

Noah continues to require food that he can gum, as he is losing teeth by the fistful. I did not post the before picture here (Although I DID on Instagram. Gross out. Sorry Instagrammers.) He isn’t as cautious about loose teeth as I feared, although he does seem to be more of a tooth whisperer than a strong armed yanker. They come out, though, so that’s all that matters I suppose. This fourth tooth, though, marks the first Tooth Fairy Fail moment. Noah came in to our room early in the morning and said, “Mom and Dad, it’s the weirdest thing, the Tooth Fairy didn’t come!” GAH. URGH. BUH. and so forth went we. But lo how we played it! For it also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day (well played, teeth!) and his other disappointment was that the leprechaun had not visited and mucked things up (sidenote: Dear teachers everywhere–We are struggling with the few mythical creatures we have to lie while not lying about. Please do not introduce another being into the mix. Apparently some leprechaun came into Noah’s classroom the day before St. Patrick’s Day and wreaked havoc with glitter and overturned chairs (wha?) and such. No. And I thank you.) so we just put the gold dollar coin that L serendipitously happened to have in his possession in Noah’s tooth pillow as he went to get some cereal and VOILA: two birds, one stone. Noah couldn’t decide whether it was the tooth fairy or the leprechaun who had been so stealthy while he breakfasted. We, of course, just put on our best poker faces and shrugged our shoulders.

Here is a girl who loves books. I don’t mean to act surprised by this, because Noah also loved books at this age, but Rosie has always been so much louder and more boisterous than Noah ever was that it always makes me stop and watch when she is absorbed in her page turning. We will be encouraging this, oh yes we will.

Also, Rosie is showing increased interest in my stuff. Makeup, lotions, clothes, earrings, nail polish, what have you. I kind of dig it right much. (Pretty sure shoes shown above have not been worn since the second Bush administration. But still!)

Every year when the Georgia Marathon takes place, our church is blocked on all sides from motor access, and so we all have to find alternate ways of getting there. A few weeks ago we got up early and set out on foot, proud of ourselves for our industrious (and earth-friendly!) ways. Halfway there, as I was waddling slowly behind the rest of the family, it occurred to me that we were not seeing any runners. That’s when we realized the marathon was the next week.

I was far less enthusiastic about the walk we embarked on seven days later. That church is far, yo. (Probably not even a mile.)(Which is like 17 pregnant lady miles.)

There are a couple of places you can sit in our house and look out and it seems like we are totally in the trees, nowhere near civilization or stores or cars. I’m a city girl through and through, but even I can appreciate a view like this every now and again.

Rosie brings at least two of these drawings home a day. Most of the time both sides of the paper are covered. I haven’t thrown away even one. How could I? I want to wallpaper the walls with them.

My kids really like to walk on ledges. I really like to take pictures of my kids walking on ledges.

Pregnancy talk alert: When I left to take myself to triage last Friday, the kids were still asleep, and never saw me leave. Luke didn’t tell them anything about it before they left, but when he picked them up that afternoon, he must have explained that they needed to be gentle when they came in to say hello, or something similar, explaining in kid-friendly terms what was going on, because Noah came in the house with a very concerned face and the first thing he asked said was “Hi mom. How’s the baby?” He then proceeded to get me anything I wanted (and somethings I didn’t necessarily need)—water, books, food, etc. Then he made me this heart note.

In conclusion, he is just about the best thing ever ever. The end.

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