I’ve been relaxing hard core this weekend, you guys. Like whoa. I wrote about it a little bit over here today, so you can get the dish from that link, but basically my body said “Slow down, yo.” So I listened. Slash the doctor made me listen.

I really, really don’t want this baby to come early. At least not this early. Besides the fact that I’d like very much to avoid any NICU crashing, selfishly, I just need more time. There are still things to do before this baby comes and I know that no matter when he arrives, he’ll just be here and we’ll make it work, but boy would I like to just state my preference loud and clear: HOLD ON A HOT SEC.

Things have gone into triage mode now, with my brain thinking, “OK, what are the things that absolutely positively have to happen before this baby comes?” and trying to figure out how to accomplish those things without too much stress. It’s feeling kind of … daunting. Extra things have flown out the window. I had dreams of maybe putting curtains in Rosie/the baby’s room. TOSS. I wanted to get some more art to hang over the crib. TOSS. I thought I might clean/reorganize a few more cabinets in the house. TOSS-O-RAMA. Now the priorities are 1. don’t have this baby yet 2. finish some crucial things for work 3. make sure we have the basic stuff necessary to house a tiny newborn.

Six more weeks, baby. That was the original plan. But if you can give me, like, three, that would be awesome. I would very much like to shake on that.

March 26, 2012   3 Comments