Also smothered and covered (but the first person to say chunked gets it)

Much like the tasty hash browns you will find inside the above establishment, I am scattered. Hither and yon all over the interwebs, tweeting and updating and blurbing and writing and writing and writing. I’m on Facebook both here and here (for jobbish things). I have the Tweets. I’m on Pinterest (although truth be told, I am quite the pinning slacker). I blog here as part of my work-type activities and also write a whole lot of the stuff you find here in general. And look! This is back! My column is here and will be resurrected soon. So many URLs, so little time! No, I mean that literally. And actually, that may explain my current obsession with Instagram. I am feeling very pro-picture/grumpy with words at the moment. Rah, Instagram! (P.S. You should be my friend/follow me/come on over to my stream/whatever the kids are saying these days on Instagram, fo sho. I’m rachelrellis, and I take many pictures of things. Also, I will heart your pictures. I will heart them so hard, you guys.)

All of this is to say there are a plenty good number of places for people to get sick at the sight of my ALL CAPS multi-parenthesesed sentences. HEY GUYS I AM PREGNANT! I HAD A SANDWICH! IT IS A VERY PRETTY DAY OUTSIDE, ETC! It’s kind of ridiculous, actually. Internet domination! Racher for President of the World (Wide Web) 2012! Yes we CAN*!

*Except for today, when I don’t really feel like it. The end.


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