2011, a rousing rehash

I’ve never done a Year in Review post before, so I thought, Hey! I’m going to do this thing I’ve never done before! That head of mine—so full of twists and turns.

2011 was pretty good for us over here at casa de Yestertime. Fair warning, 2012—you have a lot to live up to. (Though something tells me you might just rise to the occasion.)

Highlights of a most excellent year:


We get snowed in at my parents’ house in Virginia, and Noah turns six, the oldest he’s ever been. (For 12 more days, anyway.)


I recognize my obsession with my camera and get to go see one of my most favorite bands for the umpteenth time. But come on, every time is like the first time.


I perform in my first mainstage comedy show at a local theater, and we gain a new family member. (The already-grown kind!)

Also, I pay homage to the many faces of Rosie Mae with—what else—a video.


We buy a second car (praise be), Rosie continues to enjoy a keen interest in fashion and I get all misty-eyed about almost-done-with Kindergarten Noah.


Things get busy and L and Noah go out of town, leaving the mice girls to play.


Noah graduates Kindergarten making me verklempt and I finally spruce up the Wall of Life.

(Also, we traveled to Kentucky to see our collective BFFs, a trip I never fully wrote about, but which was awesome in all ways.)


I DIY a dresser for Rosie’s room like a crafty ninja and Noah heads off to Florida for a week, leaving L and I with a girl who gets to go on fun jaunts like pizza places and art museums with her best mom and dad.


DIY-ing gets out of control with some lime green spray paint and a cork board, L becomes older, we celebrate 10 years of marriage (Which I didn’t write about, whoops! Uh, Happy Anniversary, L!) and the kids move into their own rooms. Which now that I think about it, was quite serendipitous. What about that.


My turn to get older and as a present to myself, I write everyone a haiku. I also go on my very first business trip like a grownup (with a stowaway), and Rosie records her first installment of Yesterpiece Theatre, reciting The Very Cranky Bear. (Part II is coming someday.)


Rosie carries on lighting up the world around her, and I finally let you in on a little secret I’d been keeping (from everyone except the bartenders and waitresses in Kentucky). Plus, we throw a 3-year old bash, Rosie-style.


I start contributing to a pregnancy blog for my job, (meaning I’m now getting paid, in part, to write about my life, which is pretty much a dream come true), we find out early that it’s a girl, and the kids and I go on a road trip to Florida, stopping at every ice cream-serving truck stop along the way.


I post only seven times total, taking all of the last week of December off (on purpose). But I do try to pause and take the time to enjoy this house that we’ve been working to make a home and also tuck away the memory of my kids at 3 and 6 years old. Because I don’t want to get so busy that I forget to remember.

So much to be thankful for this year. And so, so much more to come. Happy New Year, friends.


1 Darth { 01.02.12 at 9:59 am }

WOW! Your year-in-review post with multiple links & pics make the mundane “year-end-family-letter” look pretty pedestrian! THANKS! (So many computer monitor wall-paper possibilities reachable from a single web address . . .)

2 Carol { 01.04.12 at 9:25 pm }

The best Christmas card I received is your blog!

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