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It was inevitably going to happen: I talked about my pregnancy nose on the internet. I need a support group.

Also, it’s time to name this kid. I’m ready.


Christmas preparationpalooza! I’ve been shopping and baking (what?) and schlepping packages to the post office and generally being in too much of a tizzy to actually enjoy myself, which I’ve decided will stop TODAY. Plus, Noah had two cavities filled (Extra large helping of Mom Guilt: Order up!) this morning, which he is we are recovering from on the couch with cartoons and smoothies. Later on the docket is the new Chipmunk movie and a trip to the bookstore. I would pretty much give him anything after watching his brave-faced entry into the bowels of the dentist office without me. Much Words With Friends was played in an attempt to distract myself from his ordeal. (He was a champ, btw. Still, teeth-brushing vigilance just went up a few dozen notches in this household.)

(P.S. I got an iPhone. Can you tell? INSTAGRAAAAAAAAAM!)

Speaking of Instagram, Rosie and I had a girl’s night on Monday, which mostly involved eating and a way overdone, should-have-stopped-pouring-a-long-time-ago-and-also-not-turned-on-the-jets-because-Whoa-Nelly bubble bath. So I snapped this shot:

… and then immediately felt an acute sense of Trusty Ol’ Regular Camera abandonment. I don’t want my phone to replace my other camera (though I do think it lends a great sense of artistic … ness … artistry? to ordinary pictures, which I really dig, and definitely think it has its place) for all the shots I take around here. We’ve had too long a love affair for that. So I’m going to be more purposeful about pulling out Old Faithful as much as I can and try to reserve the phone for on-the-go purposes, etc. And so! Bathtime with Rosie, who decided she was a snowman, and created friends from the suds so that she might boss them around with great authority:

Took a shovel and 30 minutes to clean up, but it was worth it, I think.


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