Rug all together

We’ve had a string of sub-par living room floor coverings in the past. Rug duds, if you will. We started with some plain off-white cheap piece of scrap rug that we got at Home Depot or some other such place where we heard poor church mice types like us could get a good deal. Then we upgraded some time later to a rug that in theory was great, except that I realized about a week after we got it that the raised ropey parts that created the cool looking square pattern on the surface meant I had to pull the hose from the body of the vacuum and clean it square by square on my hands and knees. That one got the boot pretty fast.

Then we arrived at the FLOR rug, which at first was great, and then not as great, and then became the bane of my existence as I crawled around lint-rolling it (you have to know if I was doing that, it was because that was the ONLY WAY to get it even remotely clean) and repositioning every single square with increasingly unsticky FLOR tabs on a weekly basis. Sure, it was great that we could make it look however we wanted, but after a while I would have gladly traded the ability to change the pattern for a rug that just freaking stayed together for one day and didn’t cause one of us to trip on a rogue square as we passed through to the kitchen.

Said rug, in its most recent configuration. Note the visible gap in front of the coffee table that causes me to say swear words regularly.

So yesterday, after weeks of discussions that started “We should really get a new rug,” or “You know, we have that gift card, maybe we should think about a rug for the living room,” or “Dude, this rug looks like crap,” we decided to GET ‘ER DONE and go get ourselves a new rug.

We went to our local IKEA (after deciding via an ol’ web searcharoo what rug we thought would work best for us), slapped one of these in our cart and beelined home where we could then (gleefully) begin disassembling one all caps floor covering for another.

Sayonara, dirt-covered, pieced-together sucka.

One of the reasons we chose the rug we did was because it is supah soft and cushy. And come May, a nice plush surface will come in pretty handy around here, methinks. (Even moreso come fall of next year, when the littlest Yestertimer starts the gradual ascent to upright status.) I love a house with hardwood floors, but alas, it is not the best place for setting one’s babe down for a spell so you can lay next to her and gaze at her for hours run to the bathroom. Nor is it great for crawly knees or sessions with an unsure sitter upper. (Which just happens to be one of my all-time favorite periods of babydom.)

Swept, prepped and ready for ruggin’

One sure sign that we are indeed now grown ups is that we bought a no-slip rug pad to go underneath. Yes, I know you should probably always do that. No, none of our other rugs (even current ones in other rooms) have one.

We even vacuumed it, right out of the package. Look at us, so big like real people!

I have to say, this is a room-changer for me. I feel like this space is even more pulled together than it’s ever been. (The Christmas tree doesn’t hurt, of course.) I love this rug a lot. Like more than my black maternity leggings, and that, my friends, says VOLUMES about my affections.

Ooh la la! C’est magnifique! And more foreign phrases I don’t know!

And while I had thought about how great the rug would be for a wee one soon to live in this house, I hadn’t thought as much about how the current children-tele (see what I did there?) would like it. Turns out, they like it right much.


So, that’s a lot to say about getting a rug, I guess. But every time we do something that makes me feel like our home is cozier and more reflective of our life together here, it makes me happy. I watch Noah and Rosie dance to the Nutcracker all afternoon, turn cartwheels, and roll around in front of the Christmas tree on the rug; I look at them sprawled on the floor and think of the third that will join them there soon; I take off my shoes to sink my toes in as I stride to the couch to type up this post; and I know that there’s just a lot to be grateful for in this space. And the rug reminds me of that.

… Also, I’m pregnant, and maybe nesting and also emotional a little bit. Still! I have serious rug love, you guys. For real. You should come over, kick your shoes off and stick around for a while.

P.S. Bonus points to anyone who knows where the inspiration for my title came from. (Except not you, Jose.) (You either, Sarah.)(Insider knowledge holders, both of you.)


1 Jo(s)e(ph) { 12.19.11 at 11:13 pm }

Mmm, I do love me some rug on the cob.

2 racher { 12.21.11 at 11:00 am }

I’ve been WAITING for that comment! Ah, satisfaction.

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