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Ray of Norris

Right before Thanksgiving I took Rosie to the dentist and I had no idea what to expect. On one hand, Rosie is like a mini-Chuck Norris. On the other, she is a charming ball of sunshine who giggles in the face of uncertainty with a twinkle in her eye. Which would it be? No one knew.

It ended up being kind of an 80/20 sunshine/Chuck split. During all the whirring, suctioning, flossing, invasive parts of the exam, she laid back all cool, like AIN’T NO THING, STRING BEAN.

Zebra sunglasses, FTW

Then the kindly old (and I mean old) dentist comes in with his tiny, harmless mirror just to have a look-see at “those shiny princess teeth!” (Seriously all people everywhere. What is with the princess everything? Can the teeth not just be shiny? MUST THEY ALSO BE ROYAL? I ask you.) and Rosie was all oh haaaaaaaaaiiillllllll no. There was much bucking and thrashing until I finally had to half-sit on her and hold her hands down, just so the dentist could put a mirror in her mouth. A mirror. You know, the smooth, metal and glass kind. With no scary parts. Or noise. Oh well. At least she got a princess tattoo when it was all over.

Black and white and read all over

How rad are these nails?

My sister-in-law saw the idea before Thanksgiving, so we both tried it out. I’m totally digging them, but think I’m going to paint them with off-white polish next time, for a more authentic newspapery look. Because I’m a purist like that. We tried hard to choose the safe sections of the paper that didn’t have weird words in them, but it proved harder than I thought with only a small section of the paper available and freaky stories like this taking over the headlines.

As if I needed another reason to shop at secondhand stores

I was dropping off a load of things at the local kids’ consignment store the other day and while perusing the racks, found this:

A little girls’ London Fog navy pea coat? On Rosie? Uh, yes please and thank you very much. Rosie loves it, too, much to my relief (once she turns her back to a garment, it is DEAD TO HER) despite the look she has on her face in this picture:

That’s just a little bit of Chuck coming out there, is all. She was back to sunshine one second later, dazzling me into giving her a piece of candy or some other such thing. But geez, what could I do? She was in a pea coat, you guys. That I got for a bargain. I was a goner the second she slipped her first arm in the sleeve.


1 Allen { 11.29.11 at 9:42 am }

1- nail tutorial?

2- Rosie knows whats up, hygienists are in charge.

2 racher { 11.29.11 at 11:44 am }

Nail tutorial—with exclamation!

1. Paint nails! Any color!

2. Wait for them to dry!

3. Dip finger in rubbing alcohol for five seconds!

4. Press newsprint onto fingernail for five seconds!

5. Cover with clear topcoat!

6. Impress your friends!

3 Elizabeth { 11.29.11 at 2:15 pm }

Thanks for the nail tutorial!

4 Anjie { 11.29.11 at 5:31 pm }

Is that Dr. Davis’s office? We used to go there when we were kids. Crazy.

5 racher { 11.29.11 at 7:50 pm }

Yes! Dr. Davis! He is … experienced, I’d say.

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