Back to life, back to reality

I am almost 100 percent sure I have titled a post with this music reference before, but when I think about the schmillion and seven things I have to do this week and the next and the next before Christmas break, I start to get a little short of breath and twitchy, so repeat title it is! And also maybe a Valium.

Seriously, I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to make it to December 25 with all my faculties intact. The holiday season is like a love/hate thing with me. Yes, yes, twinkly lights and breathless children and carols and hot chocolate and magical magic, but also 35 performances/festivals/parties to attend and 27 teachers-aides-school directors to buy/make gifts for and a job schedule crammed full of work that must be completed before our (fantastic, fabulous, I am totally not complaining about it) two week break mean a ridiculous lack of down time for the next three weeks, until the fourteen days of kick-ass, lazy, pajamas ’til 3, greasy hair, hang-fest to ring in the new year.

To be honest, my anxiety over the coming breakneck race to the finish seeped into the last day or two of my Thanksgiving break, making it hard to feel like I could relax fully, and I hate that. And it only makes me think about how next year it will be like this all over again, except I will have a (totally adorable and rad) 7-month old thrown in the mix as well. That’s when I feel like everything is bonkers and that I just want to move to Fiji, despite the fact that I can’t point to it on a map. Or maybe because of that.

So, yesterday, when I should have been doing a long list of things that would have started my work week off in a much smoother fashion, instead I did not change out of my pajamas, and neither did the kids. Well, that’s not true, Rosie can’t make it through a day without changing her outfit at least three times, so she spent most of the morning in pajamas before choosing a golden party dress to loaf around in.

And we just hung out. Chilled. Chillaxed, you might say. I made chocolate chip cookies (break and bake, natch.), we watched videos, we watched football, we didn’t go outside, we puttered, we napped.

Well, Noah did add to my needs-doing list, but since it made me laugh out loud, I did not mind so much. Plus, I hear they’re having a sale on babies.

And now that the week has begun and the bonkers ball has been pushed down the insanity incline, I am really glad to have yesterday in my rearview mirror. Because just between you and me, I’ve already started the pregnancy waddle at 16 weeks, and I’m going to need all the reserves I can get just to heft myself to the finish line. Writing here will help, I think. So even though it’s another thing to add to an already tight schedule, I’m feeling like Yestertiming it up. Let’s conjure a rally cry and give it our best, eh, team?


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1 Anjie { 11.28.11 at 10:30 pm }

I hope you got in on some of those cyber Monday baby deals.

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