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I know that 99.9% percent of you (the other .1% being newcomers who stumbled across my blog by typing in “sparkly burrito” or “rhymes with chicken nugget”) have already seen and/or read my “other blog” (it will never hold the same place in my heart that my first love Yestertime does, plus it’s part of my job, plus it’s for a much wider and less-known audience, so I tend to actually edit edit more than I do here, plus I straight up lift 50% of the material from stuff I already wrote here because I am too busy/lazy to come up with new words, etc.), but I will likely be posting links to it every Wednesday, because … I want to. That’s the only reason, really. It will pretty much always be about my pregnancy, whereas here I will talk about other things in addition to pregnancy, like, um, non-pregnancy … things? Something, you guys. I will think of something else to write about from time to time, swear.

Anyhooz, last week I shared my video of telling my kids about the pregnancy with the (more public?) public, and today I rehash my bout with The Crazy Dizzy, a symptom I am quite ready to get the heck out of Dodge slash my body, thanks.

In other news, I have been working like a crazy working person (I HAVE USED ALL THE WORDS UP, SORRY) and am super busy and tired and still pregnant, just like everyone else is, I’m sure. Well, except the pregnant part.

Seriously, how are you? How is your mother? Isn’t this crazy weather we’re having? How ’bout those fill in the blanks?

I’m so glad we had this chance to catch up.


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