L has worked a combined total of almost 158 hours over the last two weeks and he flew out yesterday afternoon for a trip to D.C. and won’t be back until Wednesday. All the single parents! All the single parents. All the single parents! All the single parents. Put your hands up! Wuh oh OH oh oh OH oh oh oh OH oh oh OH. (Imagine me doing the dance. I look just like Beyonce.)

Also, we had a Rosie bash on Saturday for her third birthday. (The best pictures ever. No, but ever.)

Also, today is Halloween. (And I am a Halloween scrooge. Homemade costumes=crafting, and that makes me grumpy.  Plus then there’s all that candy! And walking around in the cold! And your doorbell ringing into the night! Hey you kids! Get off my (skeleton and grave-covered) lawn!)

Also, I am still pregnant. (And barefoot! But not in the kitchen.)

Blogging is taking a back seat, is what I am saying here. I will be back as soon as I can stay awake past the kids bedtimes without falling face-first into a bowl of cliched but delicious pickles.

Now please come over here and clean up this mess of a house while I open-mouth drool on this nice soft couch, would you? Be a dear.


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