Here I go still talking about the b-word

One of the things I asked for for my birthday (after world peace, natch.) was caramel cake. Oooooohweeeee do I love that confection-y, crumbly, buttery slice of heaven. However, as L discovered, if you want the medium/smallish size cake, you have to special order it, because we are Amurricans, and the default size of our cakes is Googleplex. You want a smaller cake than that? Well, we’ll do it, but it’ll cost you. WEIRDO.

And so this is how for my 33rd birthday, we ended up with a caramel cake the size of a small island on our kitchen table, ready for slicing. It does not appear that the kids have a problem with the size of the cake.

This is a cake for just the four of us. A stick of butter for everyone!

P.S. There are leftovers. You should come join us for a slice.


1 Kolbi Cumbo-Lynn { 09.13.11 at 8:02 am }

Is this cake from Southern Sweets? If so, I’ve had it….nomnomnomnompffffffffffffffffffffft

2 racher { 09.13.11 at 12:23 pm }

Nope, it’s from Piece of Cake! But I haven’t yet met a caramel cake I didn’t nomnomnomnomnompfffffffffffft.

3 PastorJulie { 09.13.11 at 4:32 pm }

yum!!!! can you mail some?

4 Lynn Peek { 09.15.11 at 9:01 am }

Slice that thing up. Package each slice individually and place in freezer. A few seconds in the microwave or about 30 minutes at room temperature, and, surprise, a slice of caramel cake! The trick is to kind of hide them so I forget they’re there and dole them out. I went to Anjie and Andy’s about 3 weeks after Andy’s birthday and had a delightful piece of leftover caramel birthday cake.

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