Highlights from a good day

Birthdays are my favorite.

First thing in the morning, after waking and checking with all my systems to see if I felt a year older, I was presented with a giant smiley face balloon by two excited kids who also promised to give me gifts after work. L gave me a bottle of wine, and also made me a scrumptious breakfast.

Rosie was in this mood the entire time before she went to school:

Noah worked diligently on this all morning and presented it to me at breakfast:

In other news, I still love him a lot.

When I arrived at work, I discovered that my coworkers are the kind of people who enjoy celebrating birthdays, complete with hot pink feather boa, birthday-cake-with-candles hat, carefully selected clip art-ed card “From All of Us,” chocolate chip cookies, gift cards to Moe’s (clearly they get me), and a giant tiara-shaped balloon. Did I mention? I love my job. (Rosie has since absconded with the balloon, as expected.) PLUS, the one co-worker who is on vacation this week in Paris posted a picture of herself in front of the LOUVRE holding a sign that says “Bon Anniversaire Rachel!” HOW AWESOME IS THAT. (Answer=hella awesome.)

Also, Wednesday night Alice Bradley called me adorable on Twitter. Of course, I’m pretty sure she was (good naturedly) making fun of me, and she also did not know that it was my birthday the next day, but I’ll take it. Happy birthday to me! I am adorable!

The kids’ gifts did not disappoint: an R-shaped notepad (selected by Noah) and a set of bird and star magnets (selected by Rosie, and like the “R” notebook, quite apropos for moi) both picked out at the neighborhood hardware store. Nailed it. After they were in bed, I finished up the 27 haikus for my favorite readers the people who commented on the last post, responded to a bevy of Facebook messages, got texts and calls, and generally just continued the celebratory spirit until hitting the hay.

In summary, yesterday was a good day. Being born is the best.


1 Aunt Rachel { 09.09.11 at 6:09 pm }

So glad you had a happy birthday! Sorry we missed each other on the phone. We’ll have to catch up this weekend. :)

2 PastorJulie { 09.10.11 at 6:27 pm }

yay! Happy Birthday weekend!

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