Photostream of consciousness

I am currently sitting up past the time I meant to go to bed, waiting for a picture to upload to my email account so that I can repost an ad to Craigslist in an attempt to sell a piece of our furniture. I mis-categorized it the first time, and in trying to delete and repost, I got myself blocked, which was not irritating at all. AT ALL, NO NO!

No, you’re yelling.

I have a love/hate relationship with this whole internet thing. As evidenced by four (4! Like in ten days!) years of blogging here, I do have some affinity toward it, and lord knows what mental state I would be in if I hadn’t been able to open up an “Add New Post” box and tip-tap away my frustration and confusion about the goings on in my stay-at-home-but-wait-wasnt-I-just-doing-something-totally-different-from-this-mom life. However, now, I’m online all day (nobutALLDAY) at my job, and while I love the mess out of what I do for a living, it leaves me a little web-weary at the close of the work day, for sure. (I even make iMovie videos at work, which means I can get a little oversaturated with that, too, which, I’m not going to mince words, is a travesty.)

Once recently I was scanning back through my iPhoto archives to find a pic, and as I did, I noted that I had taken at least one picture (and in many cases a WHOLE lot more) every day since I got my camera three and a half years ago. Whoa, dudes. But also: not so much anymore. These days I take pictures, but the dates on them skip several days in between.

I know, the times, they change. But I feel sort of doggedly determined to fit the parts of my days that were so life-giving to me before into this new era of nine-to-fivin’. It’s a work in progress, as you  have been witnessing over these last few spotty months. But I don’t feel done here, not by a long shot. There are too many quiet milestones to observe and memories to write down and books about cranky bears to record.

I guess what I’m saying is: I’m sticking around here, and I hope you will, too.

Now excuse me while I bash on my keyboard in a futile attempt to make the computer reconsider its “Attachment upload failed” notice.

(P.S. I have finally UPDATED MY FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM, which took me approximately 2423532 hours and got me to November of 2010. The wheels of progress are turning, my friends.)


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