I know what you’re thinking. Another “I painted stuff in my house” post? YES. AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS.

Will these kinds of posts happen more frequently? I hope so. Will the title of these more-frequent posts always include the acronym “DIY” in some way that only I find amusing? Definitely.

Today: Cork board!

Backstory: As I may have mentioned, we are in the process of moving Noah into his own room. Slash, we did it this weekend and now our house is an everlovin’ mess heap of paper and tiny pieces of plastic toys. Except the kids’ rooms! They are totally fantastic, and also seemingly cavernous. That’ll happen when you essentially half the stuff in them. We are geniuses! Except for the part where the rest of the rooms in our house look twice as small since they are now crammed with the stuff that exited the study where Noah’s room now exists.

So! As L and I were dismantling the study and all its many (many)(many)(manymanymany) parts, we discussed whether or not to leave the extra-wide cork board hanging on the wall. I was loathe to take it down because it was filling up the space on the wall rather nicely, and filling up wall space is one of my greatest weaknesses when it comes to décor. But I was almost equally loathe to leave it up, because meh—cork board. I didn’t want to have a giant manilla-envelope colored rectangle in Noah’s bright and colorful room.

I stood glaring at it for a minute, and then turned on my heels and went straight to Ye Olde Google and typed in “spray paint, cork board.” VOILA. A solution was born. (Well, technically I guess you could say it was born in my head. But Google brought it to fruition. Well done Google.)

The original plan was to use the left over spray paint from the updated Wall of Life project and just coat it in white and be done with it, but as I was preparing it for spraying I thought, “Surely there is something more! Something more than a plain white existence!!!” I may have also shaken my fist at the heavens. Not sure. But then another idea was born in my noggin (I know, right? I’m really crankin’ ’em out! I think the government should come to me for their debt issues. A little spray paint’ll fix that right up!) and I thought: STRIPES! Because that is the answer to most of the world’s problems, let’s be honest (right after spray paint).

First up, the bored board in question:

YAWN. Get thee behind me, brown and boring! Let’s tape:

Time lapse! Blogs are magic.

Then I took it out on the back porch for the first coat, where I discovered that cork boards are thirsty little fellas:

Yeah, that’s not gonna cut it. A little too much shabby, not enough chic. So on to coat two (three, four):

After letting it dry, (which outside in Georgia in July takes about 83932 minutes), it was time to tape again. This part, I winged. (Wung?)(Wang?)(Oh, probably not wang.):

Then, more spraying! This is where I start to see unicorns and dancing monkeys from the fume inhalation. Also, note the careful placement of my thumb in this picture, done intentionally so that I can show you the results of the manicure I got last Friday, (in addition to a pedicure, massage, lunch, free wine and whirlpool/sauna time) compliments of L, who is getting his PhD. in Being Awesome.

Lime green? Don’t mind if I do.

I don’t know about you, but pulling off painter’s tape gives me a total high. (Natural, as opposed to the fume-induced one the paint has already produced.)

Aaaaaaaand … KACHOW! Cork board insta(ish)-upgrade. Word.

I’m totally digging it, you guys. Noah’s New Room, you’re welcome.

Wait, what do you mean, “Now we can tack stuff on it?”

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