Weekend high

Noah’s been gone now for six days, 14 hours, 15 minutes (but who’s counting?) and things have been a little quieter around here. (Although, let’s be honest: not all that much quieter.) Before he left on his trip o’ fun to grandparent land, I kept thinking how great it was for him that he’d get time to be the only kid with some adults who love him around and get some extra attention that his sister seemed to be requiring from those in her presence lately. But what I forgot to consider was how fab it would be for L and I to have some one-on-one QTT with pure, unadulterated Rosie Mae.

We didn’t mess aroun’ either—we did the weekend up right. After a dinner date on Friday night, we set out Saturday mid-morning for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta (both because it would be a “special” event with Rosie and also because we scored free passes from a very nice friend—holla!) to take in … well, whatever we could take in with a 2 and a half year old at a museum full of fine art. (We kept our expectations low. This, I am starting to realize, is the key to sanity in parenting. At least for me.)

Turns out there was a kids play space (Who knew? Oh, all of Atlanta. Right.), which Rosie loved.

L quite enjoyed it himself.

The rest of the museum was speed-walked through, at the pace of a breathless 2 year old always in search of the next room in which to burst, plant her feet and yell “HECKO!” (If your child thought this was how you said “echo,” would you correct her? That’s what I thought.) The other guests loved us a lot.

But oh man was it a great time.

The current exhibit is one on modern design, which based on the number of MBs of photos I took, is something I dig. But no, seriously. Such rad stuff. These were some of my faves:

(I think I might move in to this room, just to live there. I would probably have lots of parties:)

(Oh, also, turns out photography is not allowed. Oops. Sorry, rule enforcers.)

Sure, being with Rosie meant checking everything out at breakneck speed, and sprinting towards her outstretched hand a few times to save a priceless work of art from grubby fingerprints, but overall it was pretty magical to be in such a cool place with such a cool gal.

So while I’m definitely ready to have all my chickadees back in the nest (41 hours until arrival back home. Again, not that I’m obsessively counting) it was such a nice thing this past week getting to show Rosie something new, and being given a gentle reminder of all she has to show us, too.

Which, unsurprisingly, is a whole heck of a lot.

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1 Elissa { 07.25.11 at 7:42 pm }

I subscribe to the whole “low expectations yield pleasant surprises” philosophy as well. May not be the most sun-shiney way to live, but it keeps me grounded as I walk through life with a couple of kids tethered to my body. Glad to see how much you enjoyed your time with just the one kiddo.

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