The words are coming back, my friends. I can feel the mojo rolling in. Or, more accurately, I can hear the sound of silence behind Rosie’s door as she sleeps. Like people do. LIKE NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS DO. (Every time I go through going-to-bed problems with my kids, I forget that it throws a whole mess of kinks into the rest of your life, and you get nothing accomplished and feel like you are losing your mind. Grraaaaarrrrrgggh.) Do you hear it? Do you hear the silence? Yes. Ahh.

Of course, she is silent because L sat in her room for an hour tonight while she jabbered her way into unconsciousness, but we will not speak of such things.

Instead, let us check out this video, which could have been recorded today, but was in reality filmed exactly one year ago:

Is that not adorable to the max? Yes. Yes I do think it is.

See ya on the flip, internetters. (For real this time.)


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