Excerpts from a post today on Rebecca Woolf’s blog Girl’s Gone Child, entitled “Thoughts on turning thirty”:

“You contemplate coloring your hair. Doing something extreme. Ever since you got your license you’ve been trading in your car for something more practical. Cabriolet Convertible to Jetta to Passat to Minivan pretty much sums up the last fourteen years of your life. It used to be about what you drive. Now it’s about what drives you.”

“You are proud of who you are and how you look and what you are capable of. And not just as a mother. As a person. You love your children but you also love yourself.”

“The Talbots catalog comes out of nowhere, even though you’ve never shopped at Talbots before. The Urban Outfitters catalog arrives the next day but you don’t shop there anymore. You used to but not anymore. No more floral shifts with open backs for you.

No sweater sets either, Talbots.”

You take a picture of this moment, the family you love. You don’t know anything beyond what you see here. Of your front patio out your kitchen window, the coloring books and the spilled juice and your children’s smiles. No matter what has been or what will be tomorrow, this is your present.

Be happy. Be yourself. Be older. Be grateful that this is your life, thirty years of taking in views…”

This post is an example of why I am so grateful that blogging has exploded in the last five or so years as a medium for writing. I feel so many of the things she describes in this post, and it motivates me to keep on describing life as I see it and experience it, in a place that I can share with other people, so that I can look back and see all the ways I’ve changed, or grown, or stayed exactly the same.

Yes to feeling inspired.

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And yes to reading your blog!

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