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Overheard from a young kid trailing behind another young kid in the shoe aisle at Target, followed by a tired looking mom pushing a cart and shaking her head:

“Hey you know what? My hand smells like coconut. Smell it. It smell like coconut! Smell it! Hey, my grandmama? She has this purse? And it’s made out of a coconut. She got that coconut and she drank it. And then she made a purse right out of that coconut. Can you believe that? Huh. Hey, what is a coconut? It’s a coco that’s a nut? A coco nut? I don’t even know what that is. But my grandmama has a purse made out of it. Hey you know what? … ” (trails off)

Big freakin’ deal, says all of Florida

It is in fact, as that great sage Nelly once quoth, getting hot in herrrre.

I spent some time shopping in a store tonight whose air conditioner was surely broken. Either that, or I am going through The Change. Whatever the truth, I may or may not have stuffed my bra into my purse in sweaty relief the second I hit the fitting room and spent the rest of my time browsing the store inappropriately supported. What can I say, the temperature and my lack of judgment are directly proportional. At least I kept my pants on.

Hey, has Noah lost that tooth yet?

Nope, although I have nearly lost my lunch watching him continuously wiggle it back and forth and back and forth and … excuse me—brb.

Why this blog has lain fallow for lo these past seven days

I took a big old slab of slack and cut myself a nice thick piece. It was delicious. But I’ll be back soon, promise.

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1 Elizabeth Acton { 06.01.11 at 10:10 pm }

LOVE that you revealed your bra removal…you are a fireBRAnd for sure!

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