Happy thoughts

We’re hunkered down preparing for a “supercell storm” to hit Atlanta, and I’m just going to go ahead and say: I am not a fan, thanks. Especially since L is not here, and he is the one who acts like I’m being silly when I get all nervous about storms. This is necessary for my sanity, I am now realizing. HEY L, WHY YOU GOTTA BE ALL UP IN BOSTON.

Anyway, I thought I’d take my mind off of things by listing things that I think are lovely and nice. So:

Frozen yogurt and chess after school dates are nice.

This house we live in is nice.

Future-mechanical-engineer-created cars are nice.
(Click to embiggen, mouse over to see names)

(Toe-wedgie socks are not nice.)

Running free through a field of green grass is nice.

This face is nice.

Kids scrubbed up and purty for Easter is nice.

Ugh, I just want to go to bed. Dear storms, GO AWAY. Thnx, Management.


1 Aunt Rachel { 04.28.11 at 10:43 am }

I’m diggin the Honda Ceval. Please ask: will this model come in an Orange/Blue color combination?

2 racher { 04.28.11 at 3:32 pm }

I’m digging on the Subaru Hanbo, myself. Although close runner up is the Ford Chov (pronounced ChOHv) because Noah made it up as a dig at “CHevy.” He thought it was hilarious to name a Ford a CHov. That kid, I tell ya.
Shoot, he’d make one with a gator painted right across the hood, if you wanted him to.

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