Rosie Style: A clothing collaboration

When it comes to outfit selection, Rosie is, as has been well-established, preferential. But there are compromises made every day in order to get her whole body appropriately covered and the extent of those compromises depend on many factors: my mood, her mood, the weather, her mood, etc. Here’s a look at the wardrobe selection breakdown of the last week:

I bought this shirt because I knew Rosie would love it—and indeed it was the first thing snatched out of her drawer the morning after the tags had been removed. I was able to convince her (after several drawn out, tearful minutes) that it was not a dress, but was a new exciting thing called a tunic and that therefore, it had to be worn with pants. This was a hard won battle. Shoe selection: Rosie. Shoe selection is pretty much always Rosie’s.

That makes this outfit 33.5% Rachel and 66.5% Rosie.

I had a big part in this one, I’m realizing now that I look at the picture: I actually picked out the shirt and pants the night before. But the next morning Rosie politely requested (at eardrum-shattering decibels) that her pants be removed from under her heel region, so they got rolled. Then we opened the front door, and Rosie declared it “coldy” outside, so I told her to get a sweater, which she did. Then she added sandals. Makes sense.

That shakes out to 40% Rachel, 60% Rosie for this ensemble.

This one was almost 100% Rosie, but I got a finishing touch in at the last minute with the addition of a floral hair bow. Small victories!

5% Rachel, 95% Rosie (15/85 after removal of pants)

Rosie’s school has been having some sort of theme week this week, and as soon as I heard there was a pajama day, I thought “Yeah right.” I knew that in order for that to happen there would probably be a skirmish, and possibly stitches. Sure enough—this was the closest we could get to it. I’m not entirely sure about how this look came together, because I think L helped Rosie dress that day. So we’ll just say, on the conservative side, that this was …

100% Rosie

Yeah. This one’s one million percent grade-A Rosie Mae.

Another school theme day this week was cartoon character day, meaning kids were encouraged to wear their Disney/Pixar/Sesame Street branded apparel. Rosie opted for a more realistic approach. The jumper was another new item of clothing, which meant gleeful and speedy selection. The leggings were my idea, since they were fresh from a photo shoot at the magazine and I was in love with them. Rosie liked them for about five minutes. Shoes, per usual, were Rosie’s choice. So this cartoon-inspired ensemble probably pans out to 25% Rachel, 75% Rosie.

Then Rosie made some alterations—she scrapped the leggings, rooted around for the sweater, and ditched the hat (for a while.) This made it more like 8% Rachel, 92% Rosie. (I fashioned the hairdo, so that counts for something, amiright?)

So there you have it: a clothing collaboration evaluation.

I think we make a pretty good team.


1 PastorJulie { 04.15.11 at 8:09 am }

I think I need you and Rosie to come help dress me some days!

2 Rachel D { 04.15.11 at 4:13 pm }

Week of the Young Child? We are celebrating that at daycare too! Pajama day was yesterday. Today was “Crazy Day” and we went with wacky pigtails, a polka-dotted shirt and rainbow striped leggings. I get the impression that Rosie would have wonderful ideas for crazy day.

3 Sophilia Hubbard { 04.25.11 at 2:08 pm }

Oh Ms. Rosie you have style!!!! I will be looking for you to be modeling in about fourteen years!!! Yay for Rosie!!! Hip Hip Hooray for Mommy and debating with Rosie and her decisions on her style!!!!! : )

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