A typical night at the Yestertime house

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a Bilibo, but it’s this plastic concave toy thing that looks like one of those turtle shells that Super Mario uses to slide across the screen and knock out enemies at the knees. It’s also supposed to be this amazing creativity-enhancer that challenges kids to play in new ways and harken back to the old days when all children had available to them for entertainment was a dried out corn cob husk and a bucket of mud. AND THEY LIKED IT. It also comes with a free membership to MENSA.

Anyhoo, we got the kids one for Christmas this year, and they played with it a good bit right after they opened it, and then it sat under our coffee table for three months. Until Sunday night, when Noah discovered it and gave Rosie an instructional lesson in Bilibo-ing. Hilarity times infinity max, you guys.


• (Not-so) covert Booger Retrieval ops in the lower right corner at 0:33

• 1:55-2:03

• Rediscovery of the Booger (and hasty exit to dispose of it)(I hope) at 2:12

• Noah’s astute observation at 2:23 (“Not really, she’s just going to pick her nose.”)

• 2:26-2:44

• Noah trying not to laugh at 3:01

• Noah at 3:13, “This is a fun night!”

Also, Rosie’s self-constructed pajamas consist of her Rosie the Riveter shirt paired with pink ruffled monogrammed bloomers. It’s like Rosie’s personality, as an outfit.

It’s Bilibo time!

(P.S. And if you liked that, please enjoy this bonus footage of a typical dinner at our house. It’s a … unique experience.)


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