No news is great news

Life is just so chock full of good things these days. So full that I don’t seem to have time even to pause and say just how fantastically great those good things are. So bear with me—words are a’comin’. In the meantime, here is a little glimpse into one of the very best things that filled my time recently: L’s sister’s wedding. It was last Saturday, and it was lovely. These are just a very very few (of the hundreds) of my favorite pictures from the weekend. Yay family!

Cousins! (ish? Children of L’s cousins, which makes them something something removed something second something …. whatever. COUSINS!)

Rosie kissed a lot of people this weekend. But come on, look at that baby. You would totally be kissin’ on him, too, and you know it.

Kiss pic #2 (with the bride to be)

GAH times infinity million

Gorgeous weather, gorgeous venue

L with the happy mother of the bride


Rosie + cousin-ish Bebe. BFFs

First dance

Noah. Still a goober. First in line for cake.

Rosie kiss pic #3. Will probably make an appearance at her wedding.

Good looking siblings

Last one off the dance floor

Next up: the whole family runs a road race, and then we buy a new car! Also, Noah wants me to add that Thursday is pajama day at school. Stay tuned.


1 Mollie { 03.22.11 at 1:53 pm }

So, I’m not sure if I’ve ever left you a comment before… I don’t think so. Which, unfortunately, makes me a huge lurker! Oops. Sorry!
Anyway, the original Rachel Ellis and I met in high school at summer camp and I found you through her. Thanks for sharing YOUR sweet pics of her fun wedding day! Y’all are adorable and your blog frequently makes me laugh OUT LOUD!

2 ginnymom { 03.22.11 at 2:39 pm }

GAH is right. Thanks for these. It’s just Love.

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