A good day for laughing and dancing

Today I have languished most of the day in my twisted, crumb-filled (I got hungry) sheets, warding off a cold. Ok, “warding off” may be the wrong term. “Succumbing to” is probably more accurate. But although feeling rotten is a terrible way to do it, I have to say that a whole day in bed in a quiet house is pretty blissful. I would check work email for a little while and then think, “Hmm, it’s been about 20 minutes. I should probably nap again.” And then I’d take my third 2-hour nap of the day.

I think my body’s tired out. I think I’m probably doing too much. L and I had a long discussion last night about how to de-stress our lives a little bit and make sure we enjoy our kids and our life as a family more while they’re little. I struggle with conversations like that, because while I do want that, I also want other things in my life, too—things that are just for me. I have a hard time reconciling that feeling sometimes, and right now, when our schedules are crunched and tempers tend to flare more than usual, I find myself feeling guilty more often than not about spending energy on things other than my job and my family.

Really, though, what a problem to have—figuring out how to fit all the things you love into your life. I love my job, I love my family, I love my extra-curricular activities. So yeah, I’m tired. But how lucky am I to be tired because of too much good going on in my life? Pretty damn lucky, I’d say.

Speaking of which, just on a whim today I decided to go back and see what was happening on February 2 last year and the year before on this blog, and as it turns out, February 2nd is a good day for dancing and for laughing.

Seems I have a status quo to maintain. Better get going on some serious merriment.

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1 Rebekah C. { 02.04.11 at 2:44 pm }

Hope you’re feeling better. I was watching the video of Rosie dancing (adorable!) when my just turning 17-month old came running over to see. She begged to watch it over and over again, resulting in me moving from my laptop and putting the video up on our tv (used as our monitor for the desktop). She watched it at least a dozen times, standing there enraptured and swaying her hips. It was darn cute.

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