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Today is my first day back to work after two (!) weeks off—weeks that my office is CLOSED for the holidays. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before how much I love my awesome job. Oh, I have? Well it’s still true. It’s an amazing thing: I have a job that I like to go to, and yet at said job I’m given ample time away in order to rest up and re-energize for the coming weeks. Hey other workplaces: This is the secret to getting people to love and never want to leave their jobs. You guys should look into it.

I’m only working three days this week, though, because on Thursday we’re packing up for a trip to Virginia and ultimately D.C. for a college friend’s wedding. Here’s the kicker about that piece of information: the trip stops for Noah and Rosie in Virginia. That’s right friends—for the first time in our ENTIRE six years of parenthood (except for one overnight trip to St. Petersburg, FL that was not even 24 hours when Noah was two and a half) L and I are taking a trip WITHOUT OUR CHILDREN. We’re staying for two nights in a nice hotel right near the mall in D.C., and you’d better believe on Saturday morning we’re going to sleep in until right before the wedding starts. At 6p.m. No, check that. We’re going to get up for the complimentary breakfast, eat it, and then go get BACK in bed and sleep until the wedding starts. No, check that. We’re going to get the complimentary breakfast, get back in bed, sleep some more, wake up, watch a grown up movie IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, sleep some more, and then go to the wedding. Oh, so many ideas for our child-free excursion! I can hardly choose.

I also can hardly choose which photos to post here lately, seeing as how I’ve actually been around to photograph things and have added significant Em Bees (Gee Bees? I don’t understand computers) to my MacBook. So I’ve decided to just go ahead and post 1,523 of them (ok, 19) today to catch up.

Here, see us at the Waffle House, ‘awaffling:

Also, I have been way remiss (like 19 days remiss) in forgetting to mention that Sam is now a big brother! Everyone in the Yestertime household quite heartily approves of little sister Ann Thomas.

The trip down to Florida from our house is a just a long, straight, pretty boring shot down I-75, as Rosie and Noah are so eloquently illustrating here:

But every once in a while we see something interesting along the way:

(He wasn’t home)

Down in Florida there were good times had, including Grandmother/Granddaughter Pigtail Day.

And also Uncle Photobombing Day.

And here’s a little tidbit. Did you know I went ice skating for the first time in my life? In Florida, naturally. On a 70 degree day. In an outside rink. Which, really, is the way to do it, in my opinion.

Of course, we also went to Disney World, which I’ve already told you about. Florida was chock-slammed full of fun, which is why we made sure to sit and rest a bit sometimes.

(I didn’t notice until later that we were dressed alike. Leggings, grey/silver flats and wide-striped tunic dresses. I’m not sure who got dressed first, but my money’s on her.)

You know what else Florida’s good for? Letting you spend time with people you don’t get to see nearly enough.

And of course, there are approximately four schnillion photos from Christmas Day, but I’ll just tell you that we went from mostly unclothed in the morning …

… to very clothed in the evening.

It was a very merry Christmas, indeed.


1 Rebekah { 01.03.11 at 12:28 pm }

of course I had to re-read Sam’s post since you so conveniently linked to it. noted 2 things. 1. we have on occasion now used the words “don’t sit on the baby.” 2. almost 2 yrs. later it still makes me cry.

also, LOVE grandmother/ granddaughter pigtail day!

2 Rachel D { 01.03.11 at 5:03 pm }

Oh my gosh, those 2 grinning pictures at Waffle House slay me! Did you know that you and Rosie have exactly the same smile? Also: grandmother/granddaughter pigtail day. We are totally doing that tonight.

3 Anjie { 01.03.11 at 6:24 pm }

great. thanks. now i want waffle house.

4 gmo { 01.03.11 at 8:01 pm }

The gmo/gdau pic is the hoot of all the hoots!

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