Sm(art) aleck

I am tired (pun emphatically intended) of talking about bedtime woes. Which is a shame, because besides work, that’s just about all I have going on at the moment. But I am going to force myself to speak of other things.

Right after I link to THIS.

(Scroll waaaaay down until you see this tweet…

… and then read up from there.)

Ok. OK! I’m done. Onward.

Let’s be random, shall we?

Item one

I love this print. And this one. Heck, Blanca Gomez has made a print for everyone in our family. Here’s one for me and L. Here’s one for Rosie. And this one has Noah written all over it. Am I right? So cute.

Item two

I saw this set of prints for sale on some website and took a screenshot of them for inspiration for the blank canvas I have propped up against the wall in the dining room. I am into art lately, apparently.

Item three

No, but seriously—I am still talking about art. Thing three is about art as well. This is no longer a random post, but a post about art. Which as you know, I am highly qualified to talk about in all ways.

That was sarcastic, but you know what I am totally qualified for? Giving this little item for sale at Anthropologie a hearty, robust WTF.

Either an extra zero got tacked on to that price by accident, or someone at Anthropologie ate some cannabis-infused Duncan Hines baked goods and went crazy at the thrift store, bought everything, and then got it home and had one of those experiences where they saw the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese, turned around and spied the Goodwill haul on the floor and saw a heavenly light shine from above onto their leftover hotel art and 60s children’s book illustrations, illuminating the divine message: Why Not? So they sold it to Anthropologie, along with the story. Which Anthropologie then condensed to “Six separate pieces form one work of art, as envisioned by Trey Speegle.”

(Sorry if you already got this for me for Christmas. I’m sure I will love it. I will also very much enjoy being the first to write a review.)


1 Rachel D { 12.10.10 at 12:57 am }

I’m sitting here on the 3rd leg of a very long plane trip and shaking while trying to contain my laughter at your twitter feed. The one that really got me was Rosie standing naked and holding a cardigan. Oh, and then Noah’s Rosie updates are hilarious too. Those two make a great comedy duo!

2 KnittinPreacher { 12.11.10 at 9:23 am }

Wow. You need an award of some kind for bedtime every night.

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