I had a whole other post for today, but as I was writing it I started putzing around on the blog tidying up a bit and ran across this old video in the process and now I am totally verklempt to the max.

Oh my goodness, you guys. Sometimes it just knocks the breath right out of me when I think about how much I love these two kids.

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1 Leigh Ann { 09.23.10 at 8:31 am }

i got all verklempt myself! and they aren’t even my kids! except…i do kinda feel a special attachment to noah :)

this just makes me itch to get started on my Christmas project. gotta wait til snow leopard and iLife come in the mail from my bro-in-law. how sad and pathetic is it that i get teary eyed when i just hear the songs that i am gonna use in my videos??? wow…i’m a dork.

btw, a lot of my friends here are in awe of the videos i make of my kids. and i was like “it’s totally easy, guys. i have a friend that does it all the time too. makes for great memories.” and they were all like “we would totally pay you to do that with our videos/pics of our kids. you and your friend should open a business together.”

hmmmm…… too bad we still don’t live by each other. we could totally start a business together from our homes.

and yes, i already came up with a few ideas for names of this hypothetical business. cause, you know…i. am. a. dork. :)

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