I’m struggling a little this week just to get simple tasks done. Partly it’s because of the upcoming show, and partly it’s because I am solely responsible for planning my daytime hours during the week, and those hours should ideally be spent finding potential jobs and then applying for them. Have you ever spent weeks at at time doing this? It is, in a word, abysmal. And the process usually goes a little something like: sit down at computer to search for job, get up to get a glass of water, pass pile of unfolded laundry, start to fold laundry, find wadded up paper in pocked, call L to see if wad is important, throw wad away, realize trash has several day-old diapers contained within its coffee-ground and fish-from-dinner-the-night-before bowels, take trash outside to trash cans, go back in, wash unidentified sticky trash substance off hands, notice toilet paper roll is dangling from the roll with one square left on it, search for new tp roll, organize under the sink cabinet, and then finally get up to go back to computer except hey what’s that spot on the wall I think I have something that will get that right out.


But you know what? At least the kitchen doesn’t smell like the men’s restroom at a fish-packing plant. (Anymore.) Small victories!

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1 Stink { 08.20.10 at 8:05 am }

i have been anxiously awaiting an entry, and this was exactly what i needed!

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