Tete a tete




“Goodness gracious, what is it Rosie Mae?”

“I gotta ball? Diff one? My ball? I gotta ball, Mama?”

“You do have a ball, baby girl. I see it.”

“Oh! My ball! Diff one. Ball. Noah’s? Noah’s ball?”

“Yes, it’s Noah’s ball, but he’s letting you play with it.”

“Oh. My play it. Rosie play it!”

“That’s right, Rosie can play with it.”

“Mama. MAMA! Mom.”

“I’m still standing right here, baby girl. What is it?”

“I play a ball. Rosie’s. I play it.”

“That’s right, Rosie can play with the ball. I’m going to go back in the other room now. I love you.”

“Wuh you.”


1 Samantha { 08.13.10 at 7:56 pm }

Oh I love this.

2 laura l { 08.13.10 at 9:14 pm }

Why does this conversation sound so very familiar…

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