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Finally, A Benefit To The Oppressive Humidity

Monday night Rosie had a night terror. Holy schmoly is that not something I want to encounter again. She woke up screaming and would not be comforted by anything, no way, no HOW. L walked her around the house while I scrambled to do her bidding in a feeble attempt to calm her. If she said CRACKERRRRRSSSS!!! I would sprint to the pantry for crackers and present them to her with a soothing saccharine voice. “Loooook, Ro Ro! Craaaackerrrs! So niiiiiccccce and yummmmy! Do you want to have a few —” and then she would slap L across the face and scream ” NO! NO CRACKERRRRRRRSSSSSSS! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!1!!!!” I wasn’t sure whether we should try to wake her all the way or get a pig to capture the demon spirit that would surely escape when we performed the exorcism.

The only time she quieted was when L walked her out into the front yard. The minute the door opened and the muggy air hit her face, she shut off like someone hit a switch.  I’m convinced that she was subdued by the sensation that she was being lovingly and securely pressed into someone’s warm, damp armpit. Georgia summer weather FTW!

It Occurs to Me That This Is Another Great Reason For Getting An Iphone

Noah is going through a phase of Being Totally Awesome, to which I would like to say, Universe -> File: SAVE AS. He is interested in every single thing he sees or hears about, which has at times in the past been tiresome, but right now is just mostly entertaining and funny. We have had conversations about the following things: how an eclipse works, whether dinosaurs could see germs without a microscope (?), why people put “Sr.” after their names, why water doesn’t catch on fire, how to save yourself from a black bear, how to save yourself from a grizzly bear (answer NEVER NEVER BE IN THE SAME STATE AS ONE THE END), what a light year is, how you acquire a license plate, etc. This is an abridged list. It’s pretty rad seeing that light bulb above your kid’s head light up over and over again every day, even if the majority of that time you are having to supply answers by covert Googling.

Also he is being particularly winsome of late when it comes to being Number One Best Big Bro, (to which again I say to Universe: MAKE CURRENT SETTINGS DEFAULT) bringing Rosie her favorite toys when she gets upset and holding her hand to steady her down the front steps.  When she wakes up from her nap in the afternoon, he runs in to her crib and holds out his arms, and they strain to hug each other over the railing.

Oh man, if only they would stay like this forever.

You know, in their own houses. With jobs and incomes.


1 Sam { 06.23.10 at 12:05 pm }

You really are an amazing writer! Regarding Rosie and the GA mugginess: I have never laughed so hard!!! Noah’s blurb was equally entertaining and laugh worthy! Keep up the good blogging :-)

2 Darth { 06.23.10 at 1:06 pm }

Actually, most of my college students – even some of the science majors! – could not explain clearly (and much, much worse, don’t seem to CARE) how an eclipse works. Or differentiate solar from lunar varieties. Or say what a light year is. Noah is a very, very special five-year-old and I desperately hope that our educational system fails to quench is naive curiosity about all things. From such comes genius.

3 Leigh Ann { 06.23.10 at 8:54 pm }

ugh. night terrors suck. sera had more of them, but the few that josh had were by far the worst!

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