Spring cleaning: part one of eleventy four

As I was doing some light site maintenance the other day (soon to be followed by some heavy site maintenance, GET EXCITED) I noticed that my Flickr links were looking rather dated. As in, the thumbnails that were showing included a picture of Rosie standing still AND looking at the camera, and that hasn’t happened since she was but a wee spiky-haired thing. It has truly been in a poor, neglected, forlorn state. So I decided to give it a little love and update it with the photos I’ve been taking since the still-ish spiky-haired Rosie shot, and then discovered that SOMEBODY’S been a little bit shutter-happy around here. Therefore, instead of adding all 84290q9725 pictures at once, I’ve decided to add only around a hundred at a time so I don’t go crazy from all the clever-caption concocting.

So if you’re feeling so inclined to take a trip down Yestertime memory lane and remember ye olde days of glorious myth and legend (December-January, give or take) I invite you to prop up your feet, pop open a tasty beverage and go enjoy a couple (or if you’re my parents, all 110) shots of godonlyknowswhat, here.

April 28, 2010   No Comments