We’re back, and I’m worn slap out from wedging my XL childbearing hips into the very small space between Rosie’s car seat and Noah’s booster seat for the last two hours of the 10 hour trip back to Atlanta, (in a torrential downpour)(in a traffic jam)(with Rosie teetering on the edge of toddler insanity)(OMG) so I’m just going to hand the storytelling* over to Rosie for today. I seem to change my mind on this every time I’m asked, but for today, if I had to choose one word to describe this girl it would be expressive.

*If you can decipher an actual story from this, please tell me what it is. I am dying of curiosity.  Something about…the fact that she has a hand? And Ashley was there? And also Sam? I have not the first clue, you guys. I just know that whatever happened, it was MAJOR.

Well, what had HAPPENED was… from racher on Vimeo.

April 9, 2010   12 Comments