Dressing up, DAWGS, and driving

Our week in Tampa is coming to a close, and from what I’ve been reading through status updates on Facebook, today we will be coming home to the Pollen Apocalypse of ’10, which is less than awesome and making it even harder to want to leave.  Every single day has been unbelievably gorgeous here, and Rosie has upped her usage of the words ‘SIDE? and WALK? as a result. I think it’s always a particularly sweet bonus when Easter falls on a sunny warm day, and Easter in Florida did not disappoint:

Easter tree


Easter lawn sprint

Speaking of Rosie’s more frequently used words, let’s talk about DAWG:

Rosie and Cyrus 2

Rosie was never far from Cyrus, (L’s family’s dog), and that poor creature had to endure many, many, MANY pats, hugs, pokes, prods, and kisses.  Of course, he also endured many, many, MANY morsels of food that were dropped on and/or flung to the ground. So endure the prodding he did. Smart dog.


One (unfortunate) night Rosie woke up around 1:30 am and spent the rest of the night alternating between sleeping across my neck and sleeping across my face, and at 5:30 when she rolled off of me and sat up, bright-eyed and bushy tailed (gah), the very first words out of her mouth were “Fwoof? Fwoof?”  I anticipate much tearful fwoof?-ing in the coming days at our dog-less house.

Rosie and Cyrus

Also, I’ve been coming to L’s parents’ house for…11 years? (whoa.) and I still cannot get over the fact that when you stand in the front yard and look down the street, it looks like this:

Tampa street

I asked L the first time I came here how he ever got anything done, what with living in vacationland all the time. He didn’t seem to understand the question. Even when I gestured pointedly at the GIANT PALM TREE in his front yard. Palm tree = vacation! Amiright? I mean, seriously. Get a job, Florida.

Anyway, we’ll be blazing a path up I-75 today for eight or nine hours, otherwise known as ETERNITY.  Here’s hoping that the majority of our eternity looks like this:

Here’s hoping

See you on the flip side.

April 8, 2010   2 Comments